Brass Spur Gear



Brass spur gears are designed to transmit motion and power between parallel shafts. The different styles offered include spur, gear rack, pinion wire, stem pinions, and internal gears, and most come with a selection of bore diameters, keyways, and setscrews to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements. They are available in plastic, non-metallic, brass, steel, and cast iron and are manufactured in a variety of styles, including plain, web, web with lightening holes, and web with spokes. Many are available with or without hubs.

Material: Brass
Number of Teeth: 120
Diametral Pitch: 24
Outside Diameter: 5.08 in
Face Width: 0.25 in
Hub Diameter: 0.87 in
Bore Size: 0.38 in
Pitch Diameter: 5.00 in
Keyway: No KWY or Setscrew
Setscrew Other: No Setscrew
Weight: 0.701 lb
Torque Rating: See Catalog in lb
Pressure Angle: 14-1/2 Degree Pressure Angle
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